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One of the wonders of online learning is the access to each other that teachers and students across the globe can now enjoy. For teachers seeking online teaching jobs, there are many benefits to be harvested. Any teacher who enjoys a challenge, or doing something different, may find that online tutoring of international students will suit them well. Especially in many developing countries, there is a hunger for knowledge and qualifications: a need that Online Learning is superbly well designed to meet.

What international students want - Opportunities for teaching students from all around the world are abundant, with particular demand in some educational areas. They include:

Online Education

1. English language teaching. English remains one of the key languages of international commerce, and the demand is perennial. Online tutors who can assist foreign learners with their command of the English language will find many openings. Possibilities include both structured language teaching, including grammar and English literature, and conversational English tutoring online, via video link. China is one country where students are eager to learn English with an online tutor and make the most of the new links between China and western economies.

2. SAT and GRE tutoring and test prep. Many international students, in Africa and China (to name but two) aspire to obtaining places in American and European universities. Online tutoring for aspirant undergraduates (SAT test prep) and postgraduates (GRE or GRE MAT test prep) are both areas that online tutors and educators seeking Online Teaching Jobs can usefully consider.

Skills for teaching international students

Language skills: Though many international students are well-versed in other languages, online tutors taking on foreign students will have an advantage if they are themselves bilingual or have experience of teaching learners for whom English is a second language. Note also that some learners have a good grasp of spoken English but may use a very different written alphabet. Online Tutoring may entail providing extra help with written assignments.

Cultural sensitivity: Online tutors and educators in search of online teaching jobs don't need a degree in anthropology but cultural sensitivity is essential. The scope for misunderstanding and even giving offense is magnified and before starting online tutoring of students from different cultures, online tutors would do well to familiarize themselves with the backgrounds of potential students.

The rewards of teaching international students - Many online tutors find teaching international students exceptionally rewarding, both because most are hardworking and eager to learn and because students from other cultures demand that teachers stretch themselves to meet the challenges involved. It is a way for online tutors to learn about other countries and cultures and sometimes results in lifelong friendships. Online tutors of international students can, in their own small way, use education to contribute to building bridges between peoples and nations across the globe.

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