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Online Occupational Therapy School certificate and associate degree programs train students for licensed occupational therapy (OT) aides, occupational therapy technicians, and occupational therapy assistants. These occupational therapy personnel support the work of degreed occupational therapists. Bachelor and master degree OT courses are also presented through online and distance learning, with some courses required in classroom studies for degree completion.

When searching options for occupational therapy certificates and associate degrees, be careful to find an accredited Online Occupational Therapy School. There are schools not accredited by appropriate states and organizations. Education from these non-accredited institutions may not be acceptable to all employment.

Online Education

Courses in accredited OT schools for certificate and associate degrees in occupational therapy should include human anatomy, biology, medical terminology, social and behavioral sciences, and other subjects related to the field of occupational therapy.

OT students will learn to assist clients in relearning simple activities of feeding, dressing, bathing, and grooming oneself; training for modifying behavior; and possibly teaching computer use as occupational therapy technicians. Prospective occupational therapy aides will use physical exercise to increase client strength, mobility, and dexterity. Occupational therapy assistants will also record and evaluate the activities and progress of clients.

Many online occupational therapy programs of study are available at the master degree level. Online master level OT programs are geared toward meeting the needs of practicing clinicians who wish to improve and advance their skills and knowledge. Courses may address concepts and principles of anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, and kinesiology, as well as various therapeutic techniques and methods. Master level occupational therapy students can also expect to study current theory, research, and knowledge of health and social service systems for the development of innovative and effective intervention and service programs.

The majority of the post-professional OT courses conducted online require students to attend limited on-campus studies. Depending on the program and the focus of study, some programs do allow students to complete the entire occupational therapy master degree from the home computer.

Courses for master degree studies in online OT include theory and practice of occupational therapy, human adaptation, research skills for contemporary practice and scholarly inquiry, and methods of analysis.

Master level students in occupational therapy may choose to complete a certificate for specializations in advanced pediatrics, advanced hand therapy, upper extremity rehabilitation, adult rehabilitation, and behavior disorders. These OT programs require on-campus study as well.

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