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With the plethora of online learning choices available today, it is a pleasure to recommend Kaplan University Online without reservation. In an independent survey of higher education by the Robert W. Baird & CO, Kaplan University was named America's #1 Ranked Online University. There are a lot of good reasons why Kaplan landed as the top choice for online education.

One of the most pleasing things about Kaplan University is the breadth of the programs of study and number of degree programs available. Subjects include in-depth studies in Arts and Sciences, Business and Finance, Criminal Justice, Nursing and Health Sciences, Information Technology, Education, and Law. Other online colleges may offer a certificate program or associate degree in one or two fields of study; Kaplan offers certification and associate degrees and also advanced studies leading to online bachelor, master and doctorate degrees, making this a very broad spectrum indeed!

Online Education

The mission of Kaplan University is to provide quality online education in a variety of professional disciplines with an emphasis on real-world knowledge and skill development. The faculty of Kaplan believes in the empowerment of the individual, and what better way to take charge of your life than to enroll in a great online degree program.

One of the most interesting aspects of Kaplan is their prestigious Concord Law School, which offers an exceptional online law degree program. Those who are qualified* can apply to the Juris Doctor (JD) online degree program and qualify to take the bar exam in about four years of part-time study. Juris Doctorate students meet regularly with classmates in online study groups, to share experiences, and to support one another in their studies. According to the results Concord received from the Law School Survey of Student Engagement, conducted by the Indiana University at Bloomington's Center for Postsecondary Research, Concord students report being more engaged in their studies than the overall group of law students surveyed.

There are two Kaplan University campuses, one in Florida and one in Iowa, but location doesn't matter because online learning can take place anywhere; Kaplan University Online accepts students from just about any zip code.

* Applicants to Concord Law School Online must have have completed a bachelor's degree in a regionally or Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)-accredited institution in the United States that is approved by the State Bar of California.

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Kaplan University Online Ranks as One of the Best of Online Colleges