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An online course in Landscape Architecture is geared toward working adults who want to further their education on their own timetable, without commuting to classes. Via the Internet, it is possible to earn 100 percent of the credits needed for a Landscape Architecture degree.

Landscape Architecture online courses provide students with an education in the art of planning, designing and managing exterior landscaping for public enjoyment. Students are taught methods of development, preservation, and rehabilitation of the land, as well as skills and techniques for incorporating large, man-made constructs such as bridges and public buildings.

Online Education

The online Landscape Architecture curriculum may include subjects such as site planning, computer aided design (CAD), estate development, architectural design, environmental restoration, urban planning, regional planning, park and recreation planning, and even historic preservation.

A minimum of a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Landscape Architecture is required for professional employment, and post-graduate studies are encouraged. An online Landscape Architecture degree qualifies the professional to analyze geographic settings, develop programs, create land use designs, draw and diagram to specifications, collaborate and consult with clients and public officials, prepare contracts and reports, and much more.

With a degree in Landscape Architecture from an accredited online college or university, the graduate can find employment in the fields of design, engineering, construction, planning, land development, education, research, and recreation. It is a well-paying field, with professional Landscape Architects earning annual salaries between ,000-,000 or more.

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