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Distance education is a wonderful thing. It helps many people from all walks of life achieve dreams. There might be a few pros and cons of online college courses, but the opportunities that online learning offers and the many wonderful benefits and advantages definitely outweigh any negative aspects to learning from a distance.

Is Distance Education the Best Option?

Online Education

Online college courses, like campus college courses, have their share of pros and cons. The best way to determine which one best fits your needs is to research, know the facts and then make a knowledgeable decision. Keep in mind that if someone else had a bad experience with online learning, does not necessarily mean that you will also have that same experience. So go into it with an open mind and if online learning is the best fit for you, then by all means go for it.

The Pros of Online College Courses:

Flexibility: Most people choose to learn online because it offers a great amount of flexibility. You can attend at anytime and from anywhere you are without interrupting your normal everyday life. You also have the opportunity to study at a pace that is appropriate for your type of learning style.

Convenience: With distance education, there is no need to commute back and forth to campus. Your classroom is anywhere you want it to be. With just a click of the mouse you can have access to your online classroom, class work, assignments, lectures, and more. Online courses and online degrees are available at your fingertips.

Affordable: online learning eliminates room and board expenses, transportation expenses, parking fees, textbooks expenses, and you can also pay per course rather than per semester or quarter. These expenses help to reduce the cost of higher education

The Cons of Online Degree Programs:

Diploma mills: Diploma mills are a major problem. They offer degrees with no classroom attendance, exams or lectures in exchange for a small fee. These degrees are not accredited and little value in the work force, so it is best to stay away from them. Make sure you choose an accredited online college to ensure a quality higher education and bright future.

No face-to-face interaction: Because this is an online classroom environment, face-to-face interaction with teachers and other classmates are limited. All interaction is done online in the form of emails, chats, group discussions and so on. This style of learning may not be best suited for students who like to interact on a more personal level.

Independent study skills: If you are a procrastinator, distance learning is not for you. To do well in an online setting, you will need to be self-motivated and self-disciplined because there is no one there to push you to do your homework and assignments. You will be completely responsible for your online education.

These are some of the pros and cons of online college courses. Overall distance learning is a great way to fit academics into busy lifestyles.

Pros and Cons of Online College Courses