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Potential candidates who are seeking a career in cosmetology, but just can't devote the travel time to meet demanding schedules may find an online cosmetology course ideal.

Having 24-hour access to online cosmetology courses, students will be able to set their own learning pace without ever stepping foot on a physical campus. Cosmetology online courses provide interactive studies in beauty make-up; beauty salon management; beauty therapy; manicures and pedicures; beauty therapy; holistic beauty therapy; and continuing education credits in cosmetology. In addition, online cosmetology courses will frequently provide training in anatomy and physiology; esthetics; hygiene; skin consultation and analysis; facial analysis and skin cleansing; mask therapy; skin care; business management; anti-ageing; general nutrition; and other relevant subject matter.

Online Education

Aspiring cosmetologists who would like a career in the field can use online cosmetology courses as a stepping stone to gaining basic skills of the trade prior to entry in a cosmetology trade school. Students who have taken online cosmetology courses will have learned how to analyze different systems of the body; investigate functions of the skin; evaluate cells and tissues in relation to sweat glands; analyze common skin types; define structure and functions of cleansers, moisturizers, skin foods and nourishing creams; introduce and apply stages of skin care routine; administer facials; apply facial massages; basic hair care and treatments; and numerous associated studies.

Students of an online cosmetology course may be eligible, upon successful completion, to earn a diploma in beauty therapy, holistic beauty therapy or spa management. Also, professional cosmetologists may seek to enroll in an online cosmetology course to gain expanded education and skills, in addition to taking online continuing education courses, which allows them to preserve their skills and licensure (and/or certification, if applicable).

Quite a few aspects may affect earnings potentials of professional cosmetologists; including but not limited to education; size/location of salon; cliental; and competition. While professionals may have gained a sufficient education, and may have completed one or more online cosmetology courses, practicing cosmetologists are commonly paid on commission-base and/or salary. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the highest ten percent of the field earn,000+ annually.

If you are thinking about enrolling in a Cosmetology Online Course to attain your education in cosmetology, feel free to visit the Distance Learning Directory at for more information.

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Cosmetology Online Courses - Cutting to the Basics