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If you've been thinking about distance learning or you're considering studying online for an online degree or certificate one of your first thoughts may be how much is it going to cost me? If you know anything about the cost of college these days or any kind of education you know it usually is going to cost a pretty penny. Now there may be ways to save costs or even go free and that is what you want to consider if you're on a budget or have limited funds.

You may be considering an online degree because of its flexibility. You may not have access to an on-campus or bricks and mortar university as they're called. You may be holding down a full or part-time job and only be able to study during particular hours.

Online Education

In any case you're thinking about distance learning as it's sometimes called to get an online degree.

The cost of an online degree will depend on a number of factors - the choice of major or areas of education - business, psychology, nursing, education or other- the type of degree and whether it's an associate degree, bachelor's, master's, MBA or doctorate.

It'll depend on the school, college or university. The larger universities with highly recognizable names and reputation to match will charge much more than smaller lesser known colleges or universities. In the major you choose, the college or school may not matter. You may just want a degree from an accredited school that will show you have the knowledge in your field to compete with other applicants for the jobs available.

In any case you want to check out the school and make sure it's accredited. You can do this through the U. S. Department of Education. Of course with schools like Duke University or Harvard that won't be necessary. All the major universities have online degree programs. But the less expensive and lesser known schools online should be checked out and there are many such as the University of Phoenix and Devry's.

The tuition and fees and cost for an online degree can be free or as little as 00 and go up to 0,000 depending on the name of the university and reputation. Lesser known schools will cost a lot less. Online degrees usually cost far less than traditional on campus degrees. A four-year college degree can cost many thousands of dollars whereas the same quality of education online can cost considerably less.

So how much does an online degree cost will depend on the major, tuition, fees, school, and whether you can get scholarships, grants or need financial aid. Additionally there is financial aid available for online degrees - federal and otherwise. There are education loans available too. If you're employed your employer may subsidize or pay for your education also. And there are many lesser known and easy-to-find scholarships and grants available for online degrees you can find with a little research - so if you're eligible you may get your online education free.

Online Degrees - How Much Does it Cost For an Online Degree and Can I Get it Free?