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Online courses can allow you to earn your degree with limited interference to your family and work commitments. If you are entertaining the idea of enrolling in an online program, you have undoubtedly come across numerous terms you may not understand. On common question is, "what is an asynchronous cohort system"?

Many colleges and universities have adopted the asynchronous cohort system for their online programs. This type of system allows students to enroll in the program at anytime. Typically, students will be able to move through the coursework at the pace they feel comfortable with.

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The cohort system comes into play when you enroll. You are placed with a group of students studying the same program you are. You move together as a group through the program. This ensures good networking and communication with your fellow students because you will be together for the duration of the program.

Professors using an asynchronous cohort program use items such as discussion boards, blogs, social networking sites, and email as teaching tools. These tools can be useful in the cohort environment as long as the professor is clear with the students on the communication plan and frequency. There should be guidelines and expectations set prior to the class commencing.

If communication is open between professor and the students, asynchronous cohort systems can be a great tool for online education. Students can feel like part of a classroom, which is one of the things that is typically lacking in online courses. Not all universities offer this kind of program. If you have any questions, your admissions counselor should be able to help you.

Online Education - What Is an Asynchronous Cohort System?