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People believe that online teaching employment is hard to obtain. This may or may not be true. Several factors affect your ability to obtain online teaching positions. It depends on the need of the institutions, your major and the degree, the amount of teaching experience you have had, the amount of previous online teaching experience, the online teaching platforms you are familiar with, and where you have previously taught.

If a school has a need to have a course covered for the upcoming semester, then the amount of teaching experience you have is secondary, as long as you are certifiable to teach the course. It is frequently a nightmare for administrators to find qualified professors to teach popular courses. The current in-demand fields are nursing, criminal justice, homeland security, business, statistics and math, English, and education. For those of us who are qualified to teach courses that are not in high demand, must dig a bit harder to find schools that need our expertise. However, rest assured that they are out there. Another factor to be aware of is that we will only be able to obtain one or two contracts a semester from each school we have been accepted to teach at. We can still have full teaching schedules by affiliating with additional schools. Thus, teaching in a field that is not in high demand is not necessarily a problem. It may be more of a hassle finding additional positions but we can teach as much as those who are in high-demand fields.

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Interestingly, many colleges prefer to hire professors to teach in an online curriculum who have had previous onground teaching experience rather than hiring people without onground experience. Professors with onground experience know how to handle a class and resolve conflicts. They have an understanding of the needs of a class and have become classroom leaders. Their training program will prepare the professors to make the transition from onground to online education. However, some schools only seek professors who have had prior online teaching in a particular teaching platform. Then, they do not have to put much emphasis on training new faculty. There are hundreds of colleges and they all have their own unique needs that must be fulfilled. This is fortunate because it makes it easier to gain online teaching employment.

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