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There are many online teaching positions available on a part-time basis. There are two factors that have caused a significant increase in the number of teaching positions: Trends in online education and the economy. Online education is becoming increasingly main-stream. Sufficient studies have demonstrated that teaching online is as effective as regular classroom teaching. Increasing numbers of schools have started online programs. Most online programs are rapidly increasing. Although full-time professors are starting to teach online more than they did in the past, it does not take up the slack when it comes to the shortage of online professors.

Due to the downturn in the economy many college-level programs have tried to cut corners to meet lower budgets. One of these ways is to eliminate full-time professor lines. Thus, there are fewer full-time professors available to teach the existing courses for these colleges than before the downturn. This is indeed a conundrum because student enrollments are increasing. Large numbers of adults are going back to school. Many of them have lost their jobs and they must retool themselves to remain competitive in the marketplace. Since many of these adult learners have families to take care of, they are frequently opting to take courses online. This critical shortage of college-level professors is being alleviated somewhat with the use of adjunct professors. Colleges must rely on more aggressive marketing to find an adequate pool of online professors. In good times, I would find a suitable online opportunity every two-to-three weeks. Currently I can usually find a new available position almost every day.

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Once you are hired by a college and prove your value to them as an outstanding online professor, they will keep you and will offer you courses every semester. Imagine the income you could earn if you could establish a good relationship with several colleges. This is the advantage of being a part-time professor over being a full-time one. The number of colleges you teach at and the number of courses you teach is your decision. There is no conflict-of-interest because of your part-time status. There are no bosses and by teaching online you can teach wherever you have an internet connection. You can consider yourself to be gainfully unemployed.

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