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Online schools are much more cost effective than traditional academic institutions for a number of reasons. Recent research by Sloan Publications suggests that part of the cost efficiency of online courses is primarily due to lowered instructional expenses. For example, online schools have implemented efficient course management systems that allow instructors and other administrative staff to reduce the time spent on normally arduous tasks, such as grade recording and calculations, online tutorials, assessments, syllabus listings, assignments, quizzes, exams, etc.

Another underappreciated quality of online schools is the efficient manner in how the lack of overhead costs can be passed on to the consumer student. One of those is obviously the physical aspect. By not having to construct and maintain a multi-million dollar campus, online schools provide students with a fair trade-off: the convenient use of home computers as an education portal, as opposed to a bricks and mortar site. Students can earn online degrees without ever setting foot on campus.

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A little off-topic, some may feel that the socialization skills of stay-at-home learners may be underdeveloped; however, research conducted by the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Network (A Publication of the Sloan Consortium) proves otherwise. Students enrolled in online schools and traditional schools participated in a study that elaborated on the "process of community-building in distance learning classes." The study was quite in-depth and focused on what students considered to be a "community." In the end, the researchers concluded that "...Community-building should be emphasized not just for the sense of togetherness it provides students, but also to help keep the students in the class and in the program..." These days, numerous online schools have worked diligently to effectively develop online communities for their students - one of those areas being virtual campus chat-rooms and interactive libraries where students may converse with each other via email, instant messaging and/or video conferencing methods.

Another reason that distance learning online schools are also more cost effective is because they integrate electronic laboratory simulation software into their coursework. Physical laboratory equipment often entails great expense, but the cost for replicated studies in a virtual lab can be less than 0 per station. The use of electronic laboratories also enables increased accessibility, and reduction in physical excursions to a physical lab; thus, reducing operating costs even more.

Overall, there are many reasons as to why online schools, online colleges, and online universities are so cost effective. Not only that, but they offer a comparable or superior education. Today's online schools are recognized as reputable and worthy educational institutions for their contribution to those seeking a cost-effective means to attain quality academic instruction.

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