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The process of education is one of the oldest and most universal aspects of society. No matter who we are or where we come from, it seems that human beings, one way or another, develop a way to teach our children about a variety of subjects that they will need to live successful, happy lives. The goals of education rarely change, but the methods and subjects can change quite a bit. As new technology develops and the structure of society evolves, we adjust our practices accordingly, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

In this day and age, the spread of high speed internet connections, and the proliferation of online video has created a very new and exciting, although potentially problematic, option for high schoolers, which is the ability to take high school classes online. Is this a good idea, and a step forward for students and educators alike? It is hard to say at this point, because this sort of thing has only just become plausible and realistic recently, but there are certainly both advantages and disadvantages to be considered when evaluating the efficacy of this new practice.

Online Education

One great advantage of taking high school classes online is sheer convenience, and that convenience can take a lot of forms. It can mean rural students, or students who access to certain types of classes is otherwise limited, would have the opportunity to take a wider range of classes. Students also have the ability to take the classes at their own pace. In other words, a more advanced student may be able to speed through the material and have some time to learn the more advanced side of a subject, while a student who is struggling can take the time to review lectures and make sure he understands a concept before moving on.

On the other hand, it is a very real possibility that students who take online courses just will not learn the material as well. The physical classroom setting is an important environment for students who want to learn, because students are able to ask the teacher questions, and teachers are able to be sure that the student has understood the material. Without that kind of interplay, you may end up with a lot of students who just watch all the videos the night before a test, cram the information they need, and then forget it all the next day.

The best way to use online high school courses is probably as a supplement instead of as a main form of education. Students who want to learn more advanced material can have the option of doing so on their own, and students who want to spend more time on a current topic could watch videos for extra review, but it is important to hold on to the experience of a physical classroom as an effective place to teach students. As we move into the future and incorporate the possibilities being opened up by new technology, we must not forget to hold on to what has worked in the past.

Online High School Classes - Is Virtual Education Good?